Why Can’t I Just Do Paintless Dent Repair Myself? is an often asked question. Although there are companies selling Paintless Dent Removal kits, you should think twice about buying them.

Buying your own paintless dent repair kits is not the answer. Attempting to do this type of repair on your own, without any experience, can cost you more money in the long run. If the dent or ding isn’t removed properly, there may be significant damage caused by rust and the elements.

When damage is ignored on a vehicle, it often turns into much more than an eyesore. The car, truck, van, or SUV itself won’t look its best. It also is subjected to rain, sleet, and snow, too.

When metal gets wet repeatedly, it rusts. That could cause mechanical problems as well as additional bodywork on the vehicle. It’s something you can avoid easily by bringing your vehicle to Certified Dent Repair to have professional paintless dent repair performed.

You Don’t Want to Void the Manufacturer’s Warranty

You also run the risk of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on newer vehicles because of your desire to save a few dollars. The guarantee offered at the time of purchase helps protect your automobile from recalls. If the manufacturer were to offer a repair free of charge with a valid warranty, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

On leased and financed vehicles, it’s imperative that the warranty stays valid. The property isn’t yours until you’ve made the final payment. That’s why you don’t want to attempt to do a repair on your own.

It could be a mistake that causes you a big headache. You’ll be stuck trying to explain to the finance company why you didn’t take the vehicle to an auto repair shop. Filing an insurance claim could also possibly make your premium go up, too.
You Don’t Want to Further Damage Your Vehicle

There are reasons why doing Paintless Dent Removal yourself isn’t advisable. For example, if you do the repair incorrectly, you’ll still need a professional to remove the dents and dings you started with. You may also wind up with an even costlier repair to pay for and the insurance company won’t cover the expense.

You may also damage the panel further and make it so PDR isn’t a possibility. To remove the dents and dings, an auto body shop would need to remove the panel, pound out the damaged areas, and repaint it. This is a costly process that takes longer than PDR.

You Don’t Want to Add Additional Costs to Your Repair Bill

Insurance companies recommend Paintless Dent Removal by professional auto body shops for a reason. It’s among the fastest and least expensive ways to get rid of hail damage. If you have an insurance policy with a deductible, you’ll need to pay your portion of the repair, too, to get your vehicle taken care of.

You can contact your insurance company with questions you have about your deductible. You can also refer to the policy itself if you have access to a copy of it. You’ll know exactly how much of the repair you’ll be responsible for taking care of that way.

The Certified Dent Repair Make Fast Work Out of Your Repairs

The Certified Dent Repair has the right people and tools to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians are specially trained to do PDR. They’ve got the experience which helps them make fast work of your repair. Before you know it, you’ll have your car, truck, van, or SUV back in your possession.

We make the repair process easy for you by staying open late on the weekdays and remaining open on the weekends so you can bring your hail-damaged car, truck, SUV, or van to us. We give you the time of day so you can keep your current schedule. If you need a rental vehicle and the insurance company hasn’t made arrangements for you, we will.